Karnali Province Government

Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives

Directorate of Livestock Development

Veterinary hospital and livestock service office


work detail

The office was established under the Veterinary Dispensary Agriculture Branch and in the year 2037 BS, Animal Health and Animal Development Program was conducted as a separate office. Later, in the year 2038 BS, all the 75 districts were transformed into veterinary hospitals. Thus, in 2044 BS, the Animal Development and Animal Health Branch was renamed as the District Veterinary Service Office and as per the decision of the then government, the program was merged with the District Agriculture Development Office under the same roof policy. It has been running its programs smoothly since 2075 BS separately from the District Veterinary Service Office and Agriculture Development Office. The Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Service Office has been renamed as Salyan since September 29, 2008 and is carrying out its work under the Karnali State Government. At present, the Animal Hospital and Veterinary Services Office is working on animal health and animal development to increase the production and productivity of animal products, milk, meat and fish and increase the income of farmers from animal products to support poverty alleviation.